The benefits of Exact Online

The integration with Exact Online goes both ways in most cases. This means that you can easily use data from Exact Online in all your forms, but also that you can place data from your forms back within Exact Online. This minimizes the number of manual actions which means your employees don't have to manually transfer data from A to B. The following integrations are possible:

  • Creating invoices, relations, projects and items from Inspect4All.
  • Import projects, relations and quotes from Exact Online.
  • Updating projects, relationships and items from Inspect4All.

How does the integration with Exact Online work?

Within Inspect4All there are several Exact Online connectors available. These will be created from within your organization. Within the FormBuilder the Exact Online connector will be added so it will be automatically activated when finalizing the document. For importing, an import connector is used so it can retrieve the correct fields from Exact Online.

Ready to integrate?

Use the 'Request Link' button at the top of the page to have us set up the integration. A Customer Success Manager will then contact you about the possibilities.


In order to use the Exact Online integration with Inspect4All you will of course need a license of Exact Online. For Inspect4All you'll need at least a Professional license to be able to integrate with Exact Online.

For implementing the integration with Exact Online we charge a one-time implementation fee. Depending on the number of integrations and forms the costs will vary.

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