The advantages of a Twinfield integration

While performing an audit, inspection or work order, users can write the hours directly in Twinfield via Inspect4All's digital forms. Users simply import customer, project and activity data from Twinfield into the form.The hours are entered and when finalized, the hours are automatically correctly registered in Twinfield. The separate booking of hours in Twinfield is no longer necessary, so that employees can spend more time on carrying out their daily work.

How does the integration with Twinfield work?

Within Inspect4All, there are various Twinfield connectors available. These are created from within your organization. Within the Form Builder, the Twinfield connector is added so that it is automatically activated when finalizing the document. An import connector is used for the import, so that it can retrieve the correct fields from Twinfield. An export connector is used to automatically record the hours in Twinfield.

Ready to integrate?

Use the 'Request Link' button at the top of the page to have us set up the integration. A Customer Success Manager will then contact you about the possibilities.


To use the Twinfield integration with Inspect4All, you need a Twinfield license. For Inspect4All, you need at least a Professional license to be able to integrate with Twinfield.

If we are going to integrate Twinfield with Inspect4All for you, we will ask a one-time fee for this. The costs vary based on the number of integrations and forms.

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