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What is the difference between my forms, my drafts and my documents?

Within Inspect4All we work in a “three-stage system”. A form that is available to you for carrying out an inspection, for example, can be found under 'My forms'. When you start filling out this form, it becomes a draft. The partially completed form can be found under 'My concepts'. Once a form has been completed, the draft has become a document and can be found under 'my documents'

  • My forms = Empty form
  • My drafts = Partially completed form
  • My documents = Completed form

What is the difference between Inspect4All on the computer and via the app on my mobile?

On your computer you have access to all functions of Inspect4All via your internet browser. Depending on your rights. See also the question: Why do I not see certain options in the menu?

The Inspect4All app on tablet or smartphone is intended for carrying out the inspection/audit itself. Here you only have access to My forms, my drafts and my documents.

After synchronization, data collected during the inspection is also available on your computer or any other device with an internet connection.

Why don't I see certain options in the menu?

Depending on his or her position within the organization, specific rights are assigned to a user. By default, a user is not assigned any extra rights and will therefore only find My Forms, My Drafts and My Documents in the menu.

In most cases, your organization will assign 1 to 2 Inspect4All administrators. This administrator has the ability to assign the following organizational rights to you as a user:

  • user/groups
  • forms
  • datasources
  • manage exports
  • change organization settings

Which payment options does Inspect4All accept?

Inspect4All accepts the following payment options

  • iDeal
  • Creditcard
  • Paypal
  • automatic collection

Digital forms

Where in Inspect4All can I create and manage forms?

Prerequisite: your account must have been assigned the organization right 'manage forms'.

When you log into Inspect4All on your PC with your account, you will see the 'Forms' section as the 4th option in the menu on the left, which can be recognized by the green gear. When you click on this, you have the option to open and manage the created forms within your organization. You also have the option to click on the + symbol 'New form' at the top right.

Here you can open and manage a template form from our template store (a template is a good basis for your new form). Or choose 'Add blank form'.

Then start creating a section. Think of a section as a new chapter. In a section you can then build your form from scratch according to your own wishes.

How do I perform an inspection?

You can perform an inspection on location by opening the Inspect4All app on your mobile device (tablet/smartphone). Then, after logging in, open the desired form at 'My forms'.

If you have already prepared your form (draft), the number of drafts created for the form is shown in a blue circle at the top right of the draft forms icon.

Depending on the number of drafts created, you select the saved date and time the correct draft to fill in further.

Can I prepare the forms (with data before use)?

Yes, this is possible. You can open the form on your desktop/browser as well as within the app. You go to your form (at my forms) and then start a new concept.

Fill in the fields to be prepared here. When you are done with this, choose save and close the draft. (If App: synchronize the app so that the draft is sent to the Inspect4All server and all entered data is safely stored). You can then open the concept again at the location to carry out the inspection/audit further.

Can I also import existing data into a form?

Yes, this is possible. When building a form, Inspect4All offers a number of Import elements. This makes it possible to import data from an Inspect4All document, an external data source or data from a QR code into your form, so that your form is (partially) completed for you. This saves you enormous time.

What is an alias and what can I use it for when building a form?

An alias is a link between an input element (e.g. a text field) and a specific place in the form. It is used to automatically fill in the entered value of a text field in other places in the form. This way you don't have to enter a value every time.

NOTE: It is mandatory to use unique aliases throughout the form. When you (accidentally) use the same alias name several times, Inspect4All does not know which value from which input element should be entered at which alias location.

Also, an alias name may only consist of letters, numbers and underscores(_). Other characters and symbols are not supported.

Management questions

Where is the data that I store and can I reuse that data?

Data that is stored after an inspection is written to the Inspect4All cloud server. From here, all information that has previously been built up and entered will also be retrieved as soon as you need it.

Maxdoro considers information security as its core competence and we do not make any concessions in this area. Inspect4All has been developed according to the security standards set by the Center for Information Security and Privacy Protection. The application server is located in an ISO 27001/2 certified data center in the Netherlands.

It is also possible to manage data on-premise.

How do I make a professional report of the inspection results?

In Inspect4All you can easily create a professional report of the collected information. As soon as you have completed a form (to document), you immediately have the option to download a report in your desired file format (PDF, Word, Excel).

The report is formatted based on the settings set at the organization level: organization logo, image title page, table of contents, page numbers, footer, etc.

Can I also download a completed form (My document) as a Word, PDF or Excel document?

Yes this is possible. When you want to quickly download a report in PDF, the styling of the report is adopted as defined in the 'form settings'. If you want to adjust the report yourself, you have the option to download the report as a Word document. If you want to use the entered data in the form, for example for statistics, download the information in Excel.

Are digital signatures legally valid?

Three steps can be distinguished in the legal validity of documents. Inspect4All meets two of these three steps. By sharing your files via 'Share Documents', it is registered when a document was delivered to someone and when it was opened.

Technical questions

Where can I change my company logo and colors?

You can only change this if your account has been assigned the organization right 'change organization settings'.

Your company logo, as shown on the report, can be adjusted in the 'Document Settings' section under the 'Organization' menu item.

Changing colors is an (extra) paid feature. Do you want to make use of this? Please contact our support department.

Can I link or integrate with a back office application?

Inspect4All has been developed as a generic application, which means that in theory every back office application can be linked to Inspect4All. We have a lot of experience in building API connections and thus ensure that your organization's server is not burdened. If you want to know more, please contact us.